A Day at the Pumpkin Patch : Irvine

An average visit to the pumpkin patch turned out to be quite a special day.  I've been extremely busy with school and work that it's literally taken over the majority of my time (except of course a few hours of sleep here and there, and occasional breaks for eating).  So anyways, I basically have been dying to get a break and enjoy some time outside doing anything except school work.  Alan and I decided to go to this awesome pumpkin patch that had everything you can dream of.  Horseback riding, a lake, bike rentals, boat rentals, food...EVERYTHING. 

So guess what happened at the pumpkin patch...SURPRISE!!  Alan proposed!  Apparently he had been planning the proposal for the past two months but my crazy schedule kept changing things up on him.  Despite that he still managed to plan a two day fiasco making me feel like such a queen :).

It is just like Alan to always have something up his sleeve.  He had previously driven to my hometown to formally ask for my hand in marriage...so basically, all my family members knew except of course me.  Now looking back, it makes sense why my father had been a bit sentimental in our last phone conversation.  That night after the proposal we went to a very nice candle light dinner overlooking Orange County.  That's when I got to hear all about my family's reaction, a bit emotional but happy tears nonetheless.  The following day he took me to see Shakira.  We had fantastic seats to a very good show.  From here on out every time I see a pumpkin I'm going to remember this special weekend.  


Autumn Lights Los Angeles 2010

Alright, this post is so long overdue.  Better late than never! Back in September Alan and I went to Pershing Square in downtown LA to see local artists go crazy using the medium of light.  There was music, video, installations, paintings...you name it.  It was pretty cool overall but I have to admit, I was a little freaked out by some of the installations.  You have to go and check it out for yourself to know what I'm talking about.  So anyways, the photographs below were all done by Alan.  He's been a superb apprentice and is on his way to becoming an exceptional photographer.    


My Brother's New Puppy

My little brother recently got a Yorkshire terrier puppy and I am so jealous.  He's so freakin adorable.  He kinda reminds me of a little rat, but regardless I still think he's cute. 


Crystal Cove : Laguna Beach

I love exploring new areas in Orange County.  These were done at Crystal Cove along Newport Coast at sunset.  It's beautiful there.  


Photo Vision | Video Tutorial Sale

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San Diego Mini Vacation

This past weekend my boyfriend took me on a mini vacation to beautiful San Diego.  He's a landscape architect and enjoys visiting gardens and great parks.  Lucky for me...I get to go to all these places :).  So if you're a lover of architecture, plants, or maybe just enjoy museums...you gotta go to Balboa Park.  It's GORGEOUS and there's so much to see.  Lot's of photo opportunities for all you photographers out there.  

The shot right above was actually taken by my boyfriend, Alan.  I absolutely love the composition and am thrilled that he's picking up the art and technical sides of photography rather quickly.  I guess he must have a good teacher ;).  

We didn't know what plant this was...but it smelled sooo good!

So we made a few stops while in San Diego.  Went to Old Town of course and got some authentic Mexican food, freshly made tortillas and street tacos...you can't forget about the street tacos.  Old Town is cool cuz you have great food, awesome music (if you like mariachi) and loads of shops with plenty of eye candy.


South Coast Plaza : Happy Hour

Just a few days ago I met with a couple of old high school friends to share ideas on design and photography. They're starting a design/marketing company that integrates the latest in technology and I'm pretty excited for them.  I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak at their identity design and also shared some advice on the technicalities of photography.

And oh my gosh, this food was soo good.  We decided to eat at this place called Hamamori on the third floor of South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.  Yelp had numerous awesome ratings but also warned that it could get a little pricey.  Lucky for us without even knowing, we got a pretty amazing deal for happy hour pricing.  We got shiitake mushroom, calamari appetizers, so many rolls and drinks.  I can't even believe we finished all that food, lol.  Not to mention the place is pretty nice.  Large windows and beautiful natural light...minimalistic light fixtures and decor, beautiful rippled textures on the walls, soft and subdued color scheme...maybe even a little romantic in the evening (wish I had interior shots).  Definitely worth it and you can bet your money you'll find me there again.  I recommend you go if you're ever near by.  


Quartz Hill : Lucas James


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Grad : Maritza

This past weekend my boyfriend and I went back to San Luis Obipso to visit old stompin grounds and spent some quality time with his sister Maritza.  She's a senior soon to be a Cal Poly Business grad minoring in Graphic Communications.  Let me tell you...this girl knows how to have a good time.  We stayed in San Luis for just a few days and she jam packed our mini vacation with eventful outings...MGMT concert at Avila Beach, skimboarding at Pismo and a late night bonfire by the ocean.  Thanks Maritza!  I had a great time :).  

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