Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Grad : Maritza

This past weekend my boyfriend and I went back to San Luis Obipso to visit old stompin grounds and spent some quality time with his sister Maritza.  She's a senior soon to be a Cal Poly Business grad minoring in Graphic Communications.  Let me tell you...this girl knows how to have a good time.  We stayed in San Luis for just a few days and she jam packed our mini vacation with eventful outings...MGMT concert at Avila Beach, skimboarding at Pismo and a late night bonfire by the ocean.  Thanks Maritza!  I had a great time :).  


Oak Glen Engagement: Monica and Joe

Oh my gosh this day was so insane.  Talk about crazy weather!!  Not only did it rain, it also hailed and yes... it snowed!!  I'm not talking about just a little bit of snow.  No, this was winter wonderland status in late spring.  Definitely something unrealistic and magical especially since Monica and Jo were willing to go through with the shoot.  I am so glad they did!  Los Rios Ranchos in Oak Glen made for an absolute photographers playground.  So lucky we stuck it out cuz eventually the sun came out and the lighting was amazing.  Oh and by the way, if anybody is looking for some bomb home made apple pies...you must go to Oak Glen.  Their apple crisp pie is absolutely delicious!  

You can't even tell from the photos but we were all freezing!  Our fingers were numb, teeth chattering...you name it.  Monica and Jo were such troopers!

Take a close look at the photos above...you can actually see the snow.

No folks we're not in Ireland...it's your very own California.

Jo really started to enjoy himself towards the end of the shoot...he even had some ideas of his own!

I could not have done this shoot without my trusty assistant Claudia which also happens to be Monica's sister and my college roommate/best friend.  Thanks again Claudia...you did a great job holding the umbrella over us :).  Just kidding, you were awesome with everything!!


Hanging Out

Sundays are always good days I look forward to.  I usually get together with my family and go to church, eat and just hang out.  It gives us time to catch up since we all have such crazy busy schedules.  Food is always delicious!!  We usually eat out but this particular time my mom and oldest brother cooked a yummy lunch that included carne and chicken asada tacos, a variety of freshly prepared salsas, black beans, rice, corn on the cob and salad.  The weather was also very cooperative this weekend.  After feasting we all just hung out, enjoyed good conversation, and enjoyed the pleasant weather.

Old Pictures Made New : Gonzalez Family

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