San Diego Mini Vacation

This past weekend my boyfriend took me on a mini vacation to beautiful San Diego.  He's a landscape architect and enjoys visiting gardens and great parks.  Lucky for me...I get to go to all these places :).  So if you're a lover of architecture, plants, or maybe just enjoy museums...you gotta go to Balboa Park.  It's GORGEOUS and there's so much to see.  Lot's of photo opportunities for all you photographers out there.  

The shot right above was actually taken by my boyfriend, Alan.  I absolutely love the composition and am thrilled that he's picking up the art and technical sides of photography rather quickly.  I guess he must have a good teacher ;).  

We didn't know what plant this was...but it smelled sooo good!

So we made a few stops while in San Diego.  Went to Old Town of course and got some authentic Mexican food, freshly made tortillas and street tacos...you can't forget about the street tacos.  Old Town is cool cuz you have great food, awesome music (if you like mariachi) and loads of shops with plenty of eye candy.


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