Adel and Mashel's Engagement Party

Alan and I had the opportunity to document Adel and Mashel's eventful engagement celebration.  Mashel looked beautiful in her colorful hijab...she's going to make for one beautiful bride!!  It was very nice to see how supportive their family and friends were.  They were excited to witness this celebration and were eager to capture it on film.  At one point I felt like I was surrounded by paparazzi...family and friends literally created a circle around them during the exchange of the rings and I had no idea because I was right smack in the middle.  Good times!  Congrats again Adel and Mashel!!!    

 Mashel looked beautiful!  

Mashel seemed a little nervous as her family made their way towards the celebration for the grand entrance.  

 Adel's nieces recited the opening prayer...they did such a nice job!

 Adel seems proud! 

 Adel's niece was a magnet to the altar the entire night!  She could not get enough from the bride and groom :D.  Nice shots Alan!   


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