Stefanie and Greg Engagement | Balboa Fun Zone, Corona Del Mar

I had the pleasure of photographing Stefanie and Greg for their engagement session.  I've known Stefanie since high school and when she inquired about photography I was like, heck yeah.

Her and Greg were so prepared and were a photographers delight to work with.  They found the perfect settings that would suit their personality and looked fantastic in their choice of clothing. We started out at Balboa Fun Zone in Newport Beach for some fun shots with the ferris wheel.  As we walked along we also found this super cute candy store with a huge inventory of various candies.  We bought a long, twirly lolly pop as a prop but I think it backfired on us.  Greg was literally glued to it and could not stop having some...luckily, he did not get those blue lips we were afraid he would get  :).  Afterwards we headed over towards the beach for some casual/romantic shots under the pier.  Poor Stefanie...at this point it was pretty cold and she was feeling it.  But she did an amazing job, you can never tell by looking at the pictures.  Following these shots we headed over to Corona Del Mar.  The temperature here was much more pleasing and the scenery...just GORGEOUS!  It was at this point where we started getting pretty hungry as we had shot our way past lunch time.  You would think we were starving because we could not stop talking about our many cravings...BJ's pizza, pastrami sandwiches at The Hat (of which I still need to try...Stefanie and Greg raved about their food), sushi...you name it.  I definitely got my fix of food that night, lol.  Congrats again Stefanie and Greg!!!  You guys are so cute together and I LOVED shooting your engagement portraits.  ox!      


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