Bianka and Michael | Orange County Engagement

I've known Bianka ever since she was...hrrmmm, about seven years old.  Her sister and I were good friends in high school and when I'd come over to hang out, Bianka was all eager to spend time with us :).  She's all grown up and gorgeous now, getting married in just a few months!  I cannot believe how fast time goes by, seems to go faster now more than ever.  

This shoot was originally scheduled to take place at a nearby regional park.  Unfortunately, the park was closed due to very muddy conditions from heavy rain the night before.  We were crossing our fingers the clouds wouldn't burst during our shoot.  Luckily they didn't and we managed to find a plan B location in downtown Orange and Santa Ana that worked out perfectly!  We even managed to get some sun and beautiful warm light towards the end of the shoot!! 

Bianka's friend Jessica came along for the shoot and did Bianka's hair and makeup.  She did an amazing job!  Three styles for three different looks.  I even got some ideas for myself ;).  

I loved Bianka's DIY props!!! 

I love this lighting and their poses are to die for!!  

Bianka is quite the baker and wanted to highlight that during her shoot.

More DIY props.  This one was my favorite! 

A small tree just beginning to grow...symbolic of their love!  Starts with strong roots and will continue growing into a beautiful tree. 


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