Summer Family Portraits | Irvine, California

Here are some more photos of the shoot Alan and I did for my brother's family.  Originally we were going to shoot the session at Corona Del Mar to get some nice beach shots with the water, sand and rocks.  Ricky and his family ended up coming down a little later than we had planned, so we had to make some last minute changes to make the most of the natural light.  I knew we'd all be scrambling to find parking at the beach since the weather had been so nice the past few days.  It was already pretty late, and after driving to the beach and hunting for parking we would have only had about half an hour to shoot.  Not to mention, having that stress of driving down to the beach in traffic and racing against the sun!  Definitely not a good feeling to have right before getting your pictures taken.

Instead, I thought it was best to stay close by and get as much shooting time as possible. Staying close totally worked out!  Alan and I ended up taking them to some running trails that are literally down the street from our apartment.  We love this running trail...and really, it's a hidden gem between houses and businesses. Driving by, you would never think it was there.

So I'm really happy I ended up shooting them there.  We had a great time, shared some laughs, had plenty of shooting time and got some great shots.  Alan and I drove by the park recently and we were so bummed to find out that the city is closing it for a whole year!!!  Guess we won't be shooting or running there for a while...bummer.

These shots below with the boys are up there with my favorites from the session.  Julian, my youngest nephew, had a little bit of a hard time loosening up and giving me some natural expressions.  He kept giving me this cheeser smile or super goofy face.  That wasn't the case for the shots with his father and brother.  He totally chilled out and was having the time of his life!  They all look so happy and it seriously brings a smile to my face.  They make my heart smile too, lol!  Seriously!

 OMG, I have such dolls for nieces and nephews!  My brother and sister in law were blessed with beautiful children.


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