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I've recently received several inquiries for mentoring sessions and have decided to offer one on one workshops.  I'm more than happy to share the skills I've learned from others and through trial and error.  My workshops focus on the technical aspects of photography and how you can achieve great looking images straight from the camera.  The workshops are designed for advanced-beginners to intermediate level photographers who want to go over basic camera functions as well as the more advanced techniques of photography.  Topics covered include: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, getting proper color balance, great exposures, lighting and posing.  Must provide own DSLR and highly recommend at least one fixed aperture lens.  If you're interested, please contact me via email at  I teach from Canon perspective; if you use Nikon or any other brand be sure to bring your user manual.   


I've compiled a short list of sites that may help any photographer, amateurs to's all useful information.  

Professional Photographer 
Photo Vision
SLR Lounge
PhotoVision is having great sales on photo video tutorials. Save $110 and pay only $40 for a year subcription (6 videos). Use promo code PVFAN on the link provided.

Photographer Classmates/Friends

Need some inspiration???  Look no further!  I feel so blessed and fortunate to know such talented individuals!  Below is a list of photographers I went to school with at Cal Poly or photographers I came to know through the industry.  Most are wedding photographers and some do commercial and editorial work.  They all have a style of their own and are truly amazing!  See for yourself and enjoy :).  
Tom Sanders Photography
Tommy Garcia Photography
Jann la Pointe Photography
Whitney Turner Photography
Meredith and Amanda of Zoom Theory Photography
Max and Jerry of Film Foto Fusion 
Meagan Ramirez Photography
Mike Larson Photography 

Blogs for Daily Inspiration

There are some truly amazing artists that do wonderful work.  I wanted to dedicate a post and share with you some blogs that inspire me, provide valuable photography insights and display awesome work.  These photographers have definitely helped shape my own style and also helped me learn techniques I currently use in my own photography.  Enjoy! 

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