South Coast Plaza : Happy Hour

Just a few days ago I met with a couple of old high school friends to share ideas on design and photography. They're starting a design/marketing company that integrates the latest in technology and I'm pretty excited for them.  I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak at their identity design and also shared some advice on the technicalities of photography.

And oh my gosh, this food was soo good.  We decided to eat at this place called Hamamori on the third floor of South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.  Yelp had numerous awesome ratings but also warned that it could get a little pricey.  Lucky for us without even knowing, we got a pretty amazing deal for happy hour pricing.  We got shiitake mushroom, calamari appetizers, so many rolls and drinks.  I can't even believe we finished all that food, lol.  Not to mention the place is pretty nice.  Large windows and beautiful natural light...minimalistic light fixtures and decor, beautiful rippled textures on the walls, soft and subdued color scheme...maybe even a little romantic in the evening (wish I had interior shots).  Definitely worth it and you can bet your money you'll find me there again.  I recommend you go if you're ever near by.  


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